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Bumi Inspirasi Mengajar (Bumi Inspirasi Fun Learning)

Bumi Inspirasi Mengajar encourage the participants ; young people who are proactive, own social passion and environmental awareness to enjoy one day experience of sharing and teaching kindergarten and elementary school students in Bandung Town, Indonesia, on environmental issues with the tagline “I am proud to be the Guardian of the Earth

The participants are supposed to gain experience that inspiring him/herself and the students where they share the topics on environmental concerns, waste education and “Recycle is Fun” with experiential learning that suitable for children, like storytelling, songs, games, entertaining presentation and video, recycle craft,   and simulation of waste bank.

Purpose of Bumi Inspirasi Mengajar:

·       The participants attain valuable experiences to inspire and become a role model for other people (in this case the students of kindergarten and elementary school) about environmental care
·       The participants earn positive activities for social services and increase their awareness about environmental concerns
·       Encouraging students to become guardians of the earth and agent of change for their school and their family at home
·       Cultivating eco-friendly lifestyle for the participants and the students

Who were Involved?
More than 20 active citizens organize the project (has had the training by British Council)
More than 330 applied to become a volunteer
More than 120 volunteers participate for Bumi Inspirasi Mengajar
More than 20 schools involved in 5 districts in Bandung
More than 1000 students involved

Governmental Institutions, Foundations, Corporate, Communities, Schools, NGO, Media, College, Students, Professionals/ Employee, Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, Story Teller, Housewife, Self Employee

Colaborate together..

To Build a better environmental awareness and become Guardians of the Earth

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